Let me make your dream of learning Spanish come true


Private Online Spanish lessons

  • One to one Skype sessions with a professional native tutor
  • Customized Spanish lessons prepared for your goals and needs
  • You will progress faster, because the teacher pays attention to a single student

Together we can solve your needs

  • You learn Spanish in school and you need extra support to improve your level or speak Spanish in front of your class.
  • You want to prepare for a foreign exchange or study at a Spanish or Latin American university.
  • You are a professional and you have to talk to clients or providers or maybe need to prepare for a job interview in Spanish.
  • For personal reasons: Communicate with your Spanish family or perhaps with your boyfriend/girlfriend, because you have difficulty using the language accurately.


Don’t wait any longer and start learning Spanish now!

THe formula for success ( if you are constant and persevering)

Why learn Spanish with me?

  • I am a native Spanish teacher.
  • I have the qualifications, knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • I know what learning and teaching a language is. I know the mistakes and provide solutions.
  • I am training and updating my knowledge constantly
  • You have at least a B1 level and you want to get the next step. It is time to improve your spoken Spanish.
  • Focus on pronuntiation and oral expression: listening, conversation, videos, etc, without neglecting other skills
  • Daily homework and weekly monotering of tasks
  • We works together on weaknesses and enhance strengths


"Begoña is a great teacher. She is always available for questions and clarification. She keeps you on track so that you can reach your goals. I highly recommend her if you want to learn Spanish from any level and at any time".

Shannan Glover

Plevna. Ontario. Canada

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Let me help you with your Spanish learning goals in the right ways.​

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