Hi, I am Begoña!

Your teacher in BegonlineSpanishTeacher®

I was born and live in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. I recommend that if you have the chance to visit us take advantage and do it. Not only because of its friendly and welcoming people but also because Madrid has a lot to offer.

And now, welcome to BegonlineSpanishTeacher®! You have come here because you have a need, you want to achieve goals, speak Spanish, and I can help you.

I consider from my own experience that when you are able to internalize a language, then you can communicate in it and you will discover a whole world of possibilities that are not only limited to the linguistic aspect, because when you learn  Spanish or another language, you have to take into account its people, gastronomy, culture...

We must live Spanish, not just learn it. "Every language is a differente way of seeing life". (F.Fellini)

You are going to overcome the blockages that prevent you from speaking Spanish, you are going to gain self-confidence, find the motivation that perhaps you had lost and best of all you are going to enjoy and have fun during the process, because who said that learning a language it's boring?

I am going to tell you how I prepared to get here. I received a degree in French Philology from the Complutense University in Madrid and I also hold a Master in Education.

I am passionate about my native language and our culture that's why I am an ELE teacher. Studying other languages has allowed me to work as a translator and editor in two large publishing houses.

You already know many things about me, will you give me the chance to meet you?

I am looking forward to helping you!

"Begoña is a great teacher. She is always available for questions and clarification. She keeps you on track so that you can reach your goals. I highly recommend her if you want to learn Spanish from any level and at any time".


"Begoña è un' insegnante molto attenta e si adatta molto bene alle necessità degli alunni. Sono contenta che ho scelto il suo corso perchè mi ha portato nuove conoscenze dello spagnolo."

Francesca. Trieste. Italia

"Begoña é uma professora maravilhosa! Paciente, atenta em cada detalhe e é extremamente solicita. Ensina com amor. Eu a recomendo! Muito obrigada."

Amanda Teixeira. Sao Paulo. Brasil

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