What I offer?

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A method with learning guarantees

The method I use is that of cognitive grammar, a way to experience the language and not just study it. You will improve your listening comprehension, your writing, your speaking and your reading.  For me the most important thing is that you speak Spanish and that you feel more confident when talking with other people.

One-on-one online Spanish lessons

Classes through Skype or Zoom

Customized courses for all your needs

I offer you totally customized lessons. No matter what level you have I help you overcome your weaknesses and strengthen your foundation in Spanish.

Conversation for all levels

For students who want to gain confidence and spontaneity. The difference between those who are fluent in a language and those who are not, is in practice even if you are beginner. In this case we will start repeating short sentences.


If you want you will also have homework to help you to practice everything you have learned in class. Besides I will send additional language explanations, exercices and keys to work on what you really need at your own rhythm.

General Spanish

Learn the language to use it anywhere you want, you will not have problems when interacting appropiately in various real life situations. If you Know the language of a country well your experiences can be much more authentic and intense.

Specific purposes

These Spanish lessons are designed for students that have a special reason for learning Spanish. Spanish classes for traveling, cooking, business or personal purposes as for example that your children can talk with their Spanish family.

"Begoña is a great teacher. She is always available for questions and clarification. She keeps you on track so that you can reach your goals. I highly recommend her if you want to learn Spanish from any level and at any time".

Shannan Glover

Plevna. Ontario. Canada

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